12 Degrees of Freedom
"I live on Earth at present,
and I don't know what I am.
I know that I am not a category.
I am not a thing - a noun.
I seem to be a verb,
an evolutionary process --
an integral function of the universe."

("I Seem To Be A Verb")

I Seem To Be A Verb

I do not claim to be an expert on Bucky Fuller's "Geometry of Thinking". I am, however, an expert on how I have interpreted and applied his approach to problem solving to my life and work.

Synergetics in particular has served as a moral, intellectual and spiritual compass for me over the past 35 years.

We are all, as Bucky was fond of saying,  "terrific bundles of experience" --   in constant motion and therefore forever interacting precessionally with one another. The inadvertent 90-degree side-effects of our actions are often more powerful than our 180-degree intentions.

At left top to bottom: New Alchemy Institute dome; With my grandparents and cousin at home in Cleveland, Ohio; Boston Urban Gardeners ;Brookline (MA) Farmers' Market; Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative; MA Food & Agriculture goodbye; Brother Blue;With Mom in Cleveland;Butch, Teresa and friend

Below: Those Amazin' Sox; Dylan

Right: Maggie and Travis; New Alchemy Pillow Dome; Princeton, MA wind turbine; MA Offshore wind team; Yogi And Jackie;Philo; Fenway Faithful; Salisbury